Wednesday, 31 May 2017


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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

REVIEW: Hallmark Star Wars Range (YB)

I was sent a great big box of Star Wars goodies to review from Hallmark celebrating Star Wars month.

Here is our unboxing video starring Paul and Marley...

We are big Star Wars fans in our household, so we were mega excited to be offered this review opportunity for Hallmark! As you can probably tell...

Hallmark do a huge selection of Star Wars goodies - a fantastic range of greetings cards for any occasion, the ones that particularly caught my eye are the 3D 'shelfie' style Chewbacca & Darth Vader cards, as well as the pop out box card. Most importantly, they feature all of your favourite characters. I'd say they are ageless too, not just for kids, so suitable for fans of all ages.

Then there are their fab new Itty Bitty's - the Itty Bitty's are a really fun range of Star Wars soft toys - perfect for your little Star Wars fans - Marley is loving his Itty Bitty toys and they're the perfect size for little hands. He's had lots of fun with them! Again, you'll find all of yours and your children's favourite Star Wars characters.

And so you've got your Star Wars fan some Itty Bitty's & a card from the range, but what to give them in... Well, Hallmark even offer some fab gift bags in varying sizes too. They've really thought of everything!

They even do bottle holders - look at this fab Darth Vader bottle holder...

Basically, if you're a fan of Star Wars, or know a fan, you're bound to find some fantastic Star Wars gifts at Hallmark, irrelevant of if you're a fan of The Dark Side or The Light Side!

I was very impressed with all the Star Wars goodies available, so fellow fans will love the gifts on offer.

You can see the range on the Hallmark website and they are all available to buy at Amazon.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

REVIEW: Hape Eggspressions (YB)

I was sent Hape Eggspressions to review with Marley and this is what I thought...

Eggspressions is an educational toy for 24m+ children. It comes with 6 eggs and 6 stands as well as a book to read along with them.

The point in Eggspressions is to teach your child what people are feeling and this is a really fun way of doing it. The book tells a story that allows your child to match the eggs expressions to their bit of the story. The story is engaging and the illustrations are captivating.
Humpty's cousins are invited to a party but they need a plan to get over the castle wall. By sharing their feelings and working together, they find a happy solution.
The six eggs are Happy, Sad, Shy, Angry, Excited and Afraid. Marley enjoyed learning about their expressions and he quickly got the hang of which was which, and even tried mimicking them. I made up stories for him too, to correspond to each egg which he enjoyed.

He is almost 3, so he does grasp the concept of some feelings, but some he was unfamiliar with and so this helped him understand feelings he had not encountered before.

The Eggspressions from Hape are sure to provoke hours of egg-citement within your little one this Easter. Enjoy the 6 characterful eggheads as you follow their journey through the scrambled feelings idea book. Watch as children learn to identify and express their feelings while developing hand and eye co-ordination, perfect for any early explorer. The Eggspressions are suitable from 24 months + and are available to buy online for Argos for £19.99.

Friday, 28 April 2017

REVIEW: Deluxe Travel Centre (YB)

I was sent a Deluxe Travel Centre to review and this is what I thought...

When I was contacted about this, I was very excited about reviewing it. Me & Paul were discussing where Marley would sleep when we go on holiday this summer. He seems too big for a travel cot but too small to sleep in a full size single bed (well, without bed rails anyway). So we were left with a dilemma - where is he going to sleep?

The Deluxe Travel Centre is the perfect travel companion if you have a baby or toddler. It's basically a small person (baby/toddler) tent that comes with a self-inflating mattress, quilted sleeping mat and tent pegs. Not to mention it all fits into a relatively small carrying bag to make it easily portable. It is also British Standards Travel Cot approved!

But it's so much more than your average travel cot - firstly, it is useable up to 4 years old. But as well as using it as a bed - you can use it as a play zone. For example, in the park or at the beach on a sunny day - as it is also a tried & tested UPF35+ sun shelter! So that makes it even more ideal for your family holiday.

Maybe you've heard tent and thought 'far too much effort' - it really isn't! You hold it as you remove the securing elastic from around it, then let it go and it instantly pings into shape - literally in a flash, your travel centre is up & ready to go in seconds!

And equally, you've heard inflatable mattress and thought 'oh no, that means taking a pump or spending ages doing it manually' - again, that's not the case. The mattress is self-inflating - you simply open the valve and it sucks the air in - at most you need to give it a little manual blow up in order to get it just how you want it.

All in all, it took me less than 5 minutes - I didn't time, but I think it was probably actually only 2-3 minutes - quick & easy, just what you want on holiday. Nothing too fiddly, time consuming or frustrating.

We obviously just tested it out at home in the living room - and it also makes a fun little play area - Marley decided it was his "tree house" and has enjoyed playing in it. So it really is multi-functional.

It has a zip-up mesh net to prevent insects getting in - you can see in and your little one can see out. There's also the outer zip-up layer too. The zips are on the outside meaning your little one can't easily escape. On the opposite side is another zip-up outer layer, with a non-zip mesh net underneath providing an extra window and/or extra ventilation. There are also a further two smaller mesh net windows either side. Plenty of ways for you to look in on your little one and for them to see you and feel reassured.

Overall, I am very impressed with this. It is much smaller than a normal travel cot, takes only a couple of minutes to set up and has several uses too! I would highly recommend it!

The Deluxe Travel Centre costs just £89.99 and comes in 6 different colours - blue, ocean, pistachio, purple, red & yellow. There's currently an offer - 15% off all Travel Centres up to midnight April 30th. Includes free shipping, use code APRIL  at checkout.
  • Suitable for 0-4 years
  • Travel Cot approved
  • UV sun protection
  • Versatile indoor/outdoor use
  • Compact & portable
  • Self inflating mattress
  • Sleeping mat included
  • 4 tent pegs included

Monday, 24 April 2017

REVIEW: Del Monte Squeezies (YB)

I was sent some Del Monte Squeezie's to review with my little man...

The Del Monte Squeezie's are available with fun Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse characters and are available in several flavours:

- Apple, strawberry & blueberry
- Apple & mango
- Apple, banana & strawberry

The first one Marley tried was the apple, banana & strawberry and this is what he thought...

He thoroughly enjoyed this and it was nice to think he was having an enjoyable, yet healthy treat. 

As well as being a nice healthy treat, he found it easy to hold and consume and he found it fun too!

It doesn't need to be stored in the fridge until it's open (then it can be refrigerated for 24 hours), meaning it's something you can pop in your bag when you're going out & about!

It's a nice treat I can feel good about giving to him as it's helping get some of his 5-a-day - 1 portion of fruit is in each pouch, so a fun little treat, turns into a very healthy 1 of his 5-a-day!

Struggling to pack the perfect lunchbox for your kids? Want to give them a tasty snack after school but not over indulge a sweet tooth? Del Monte’s NEW Squeezie range is here to put a smile on the whole family’s face. Not only do they taste delicious, but Squeezies come with fun collectable caps which can be made into lots of cool shapes; from your very own castle to a pretty flower.
New Squeezies from Del Monte are terrific snacks for toddlers and older children - full of vitaminsand minerals and bursting with flavour. As every pack counts as one of your five a day, thesepouches are a great way to get picky eaters eating fruit. Plus, with no added sugar or artificialingredients, you can be confident that you are giving your little ones nothing but 100% naturalgoodness!
The new Squeezie kids snacking range, made from 100% real fruit, comes in three fantastic flavours:
  • Apple, Banana & Strawberry – the perfect blend for an energyboosting snack bursting with vitamin C and E. Apple, strawberry and banana are a fruity match made in Squeezie heaven!
  • Apple & Mango – known as the “king of the fruits," mango is nutritionally rich and an excellent source of vitamin A, making this an ideal snack for your little prince or princess.
  • Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry – they say all good things come in small packages, and blueberries are just that! Packed with vitamin C, fibre and other antioxidants, your kids are sure to love this as much as you do.
Each pack also has a wicked app with a fun card game and even more shape inspiration,
meaning your kids will be healthy and happy. So, thanks to Del Monte®, healthy snacking
has just been made easy peasy super Squeezie!
Del Monte® Squeezies are now available in Asda stores nationwide. RRP 79p per pouch.